At Ahul Clinic we offer Acupuncture, both Hilary Kearns and Paula Dunne are qualified acupuncturists and both members of Traditional Chinese Medical Council of Ireland – TCMCI which is recognised by VHI, Quinn Healthcare and Hiberian/Vivas Health Insurers.

Physical Therapy treatments are available for all your muscular and skeletal problems from a simple pulled muscle playing football to whiplash to a postural strain to the recurrent low back pain or just general lack of flexibility. Zita Donoghue is the Physical Therapist who graduated from the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science. Physical Therapy is also covered by your health insurer, please check you policy in advance to clarify your entitlements, as policies vary.

Paula Dunne along with acupuncture also offers treatments in Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Paula lectures in both these subjects and has an in depth knowledge of their health benefits and applications. Please see separate therapies section regarding conditions which may be treated.